How much is it (all) worth?


Is seven and a half a good price for breakfast, in your local currency? That is, without coffee. The coffee you make at the office, to save money.

The coffee maker in the office is jammed, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Three little cheese breads. One of them will be eaten without coffee because the coffee maker is jammed and it can take up to an hour to finish making the coffee. The first cheese bread will not wait a whole hour while listening to morning stomach groans, it has to jump right in.


Is seven and a half a good price for a pack of cigarettes, in your local currency?


How much is too much to spend on breakfast?

You’ll say it depends on how much you earn and I’ll say you’re right.


A friend once told me I had to stop turning my money into poop. That I should acquire stuff that lasts and doesn’t stink instead of getting it all in comfort food and beer and cigarettes.

Said friend broke up with me over a guy. Before that I used to think she was right about everything. Now I have to make up my own mind about things without talking to her.


It is a shame that since then I can’t listen to Gogol Bordelo without getting very sad.


A sensible person would say making up one’s own mind about things seems to be worth more than listening to Gogol Bordelo, as much as he’s awesome and thinking things through alone often hurts you in the process.


Is seven and a half a good price for an epiphany, in your local currency?

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