in sickness and in health

it’s been too many days
you promised

I told you I have a fucking fever

that’s no excuse

I can’t think straight
how do you expect me to just keep on as if nothing’s happening

you don’t need to act as if nothing’s happening

but I’m all out of ideas

that can be a subject in itself

and disposition, for that matter
I’m gross

you can use it

what, use this?
so you want me to write about swollen glands
fever sweat
that stupid mask
that I have to wear outside my room
that fucking scares people
and the fact that I can’t even hug anybody
doctor’s orders

haha why not, kid?
there’s a lot of raw emotion there
and the deal was to not stop
to use it all if you had to

well FINE
but after this I’m going back to my cartoons

as you wish

you’re a pain in my ass
do you know that?

you chose this
I’m merely reminding you, only because you asked me to
and I know I can’t expect you to feel good about it now
you’re too sick
but you’ll thank me later

we’ll see about that

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