Love in the Time of Economic Crisis

She quietly observed the way the Sun gently kissed his worn out cowboy pajamas while she waited for her instant coffee with brown sugar to cool a bit.

He looked up at her from his bowl of granola and fat free milk.

‘Do you think we’ll live to see the end of Capitalism?’

She smiled and sipped her coffee, making a face because it was still too hot. ‘No way.’

‘Do you really think so? Have you heard of Accelerationism? Maybe we could make it crash sooner than it would.’

They both watched the swirling steam of the cup of coffee in front of her.

‘There’s a good chance we’ll be extinct before it ends, specially if Accelerationism catches on. The planet will be unlivable very soon. Even if we did find an economically doable alternative by the time Capitalism colapses, I don’t think we could revert what we did in time for it to work.’

He watched her bite her ham and cheese tapioca with tender curiosity.

‘And what does that do to your maternal instinct? Doesn’t it make you scared of having children?’

She cleared her throat. This was always the point where she knew she would sound too harsh. ‘I wouldn’t say scared. It just makes me really not want to. Why bring those chubby cuties into the world to suffer?’

He smiled while chewing.


‘You are wise.’

She lowered her eyes and sipped her coffee again, smiling this time. It was just right.