the cat stares at me while I stare at my phone. it meows really low. the poor cat. it gently bumps its head against my hands, cuddling the phone to get some of me. I should be ashamed of myself (and I am) but it is also really funny. instead of petting it, I try to take a picture of how much it loves me. there is no way to get a good shot because it keeps trying to klimb me. smiling and shruging, putting the phone away, I pet it. it purrs like an engine.

I feel like my cat when people grab their phones. I grab mine too to get some of them, some of what they are doing, some company. the phone is supposed to be for when you can, isn’t it? and I really can’t. I’d much rather stare at the wall together like we used to, put on some music, go out for a walk, bake a cake and have some tea. do you remember what it was like to have friends before these damn thingies?


for about 2 years my cat really never meowed, I looked at it spontaneoulsy and it purred, even from a distance. now it meows behind the little screen and it sounds judgmental.


these days I tried to implement a rule: no phones in bed. it was SO ignored. just like the poor cat.


I feel powerless. I’ve been trying to do without the “I-me-mine” paradigm, but at the very least my bed should be my kingdom, or I should get to decide it is sleeping-kissing-living things territory. but still it is no match for the phone. ME-OUCH.

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