On History Books and National Memory

How does she remember it?

When I read about the 90’s in Brazil I can only imagine what it was like live. Imagine the government freezing your bank account. Prices changing daily, sometimes twice a day. What did the news show?

When I read about the military dictatorship and all of the Institutional Acts they proclaimed in the 60’s I can only imagine what it was like live. Imagine that as of a certain date all of your country’s political parties just cease to exist. Also, the ones voting for President are not the people anymore, but the congressmen. How was this explained to the country back then?

(as if)

Yesterday we had to work from home because the Police were on strike and the bosses were scared. This strike was well covered by the media, unlike strikes of teachers or the state-owned mail service, for instance. The streets were so empty it looked like a post-apocalyptic movie.

With the Olympics we’re expected to work from home a lot. Not sure what they think will happen, but one can sense the fear in the endless trail of emails making sure everybody has their Filezillas working right.

How will she remember this? What about her human?

I found a link that tells Brazilians what rights we’ve lost, by day. The TV won’t show anything like this, of course. But even if we do keep track of it all for the History books, if the School Without a Party bill passes, what will History books even look like in the next years?

When I think of what the past was like live I always picture the people who see it all mostly like I do. As an exercise I’ve been trying to see it through the eyes of whoever thinks all of this is ok.

It has not been easy.

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