On Triggers

Engraving based on a painting by F. S. Church

What if Pandora’s box was full of childhood memories?

One beautiful day Curiosity unleashes from the depths demons far beyond words.

When unleashed the only thing that will calm them demons is Wording.

The click of the lock is the click of a trigger.

The demons bolt out and hit you in the heart or the head and you fall on a puddle of yourself, melting and shaking.

You’ll lay there until you can think with words that memories are like dreams, that you don’t need to let them take you. You can think of them as messages from another time, from another you, from a different level of conciousness.

It may be that the bottom of the box is covered in books but you only see it when all of them demons have gone out and you lift Hope from the bottom.

Hope was sitting on all of those books. Hope didn’t want to leave the box because she’s a good responsible librarian.

Just like my own crazy mother was, once.

It will take lifting her from the depths of my mind to get to any books of my own.