Total Life Changes Iaso Tea

- Shed weight naturally with zero chemical interference.
 — Promotes body health to produce more energy.
 — Also known as ‘Miracle Tea’ and there are proven cases of the iaso Tea coupled with a good diet and exercise plan to have done wonders in weight loss.
 — Available worldwide.
 — The tea does not taste bitter with chamomile and ginger providing the taste elements.

- The price is little too high for a daily tea.
 — Being a detox action, different bodies respond differently to cleansing action.
 — Should not be used by pregnant and nursing mothers and women on contraceptives.

Weight is a major concern in our life we all look for effective ways to reduce weight. There is no quick and healthy weight loss regime as such, but it takes patience along with diet and exercise. Iaso Tea is basically a herbal tea concoction which is made up of 9 active ingredients. Each ingredient works in collaboration with the other promoting each others activity to provide overall health. Weight gain is very common with our current lifestyles where we consume enough and more of junk foods and there is no activity. Pollutants are all around us and there is no way to keep away from them. The problems caused by these toxins that find their way into our body can be cleared by detox and weight loss agents like Iaso Tea.

Features of TLC Iaso Tea
This mix of 9 herbal and all natural ingredients make the herbal tea have various modes of action in providing a healthy body. Each feature is caused by the action of another ingredient. Even though there are no clinical studies to prove the action of the Iaso Tea, reviews and experiences and also the individual properties of the ingredients contribute to the factor that this tea can promote body health.

Papaya is an active ingredient of the Iaso tea and its detox properties has long been recognized. The toxins find its way into the body and it is very essential to get rid of these toxins from the body as they are responsible for the malfunctioning of the body processes. Toxins are also released by the body itself due to the highly stressed lifestyles and therefore the calming agent Chamomile agent works its way to reduce stress.

Cleans the digestive system
The contents in Iaso tea promotes cleansing of the digestive tract effectively. Persimmon leaves serve the purpose in this mix. Chinese had been using the cleansing properties of persimmon leaves for generations and this is utilized in Iaso tea. Holy Thistle works as a diuretic and cleanses the digestive tract. Blessed thistle also has the same mode of action as holy thistle and forms a part of Iaso tea. Ginger is used for its promotion of digestion in spite of the taste that it adds to the drink.

Antioxidant and Anti Inflammatory action
Flavonoids in persimmon leaves help in the oxidation of the free radicals and remove them from the body. Free radicals are released in the body from time to time from the toxins in the body and also from normal body processes. These free radicals make the body more acidic and hinder the whole body functioning. Acidic pH can’t be tolerated by the body even though neutral pH is optimal for body functioning. Antioxidants remove the free radicals from the body and thus makes the body alkaline. The free radicals also attach to the healthy body cells and tissues and destroy them or alter their functioning. These have also been found to be a main reason for cancers. Marshmallow, malva leaves has a complementary action and act as the anti inflammatory agent.

Blood Purification
Cleansers included in the ingredients like Myrrh act by removing parasites and bacteria from the blood stream. Papaya leaf also helps to purify the blood. A clean blood stream can give a healthy body

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