The joy of getting a window seat,
The breeze.. oh such a respite from the heat!


The joy of wearing clothes fresh from the drier,
after a long shower, feeling the body pleasantly tire..


The smell of freshly made bread,
or of the tea that’s boiling on the stove,
the comfort of a clean, warm bed,
or a full moon high up above.

The peace that the scent of jasmines brings,
The song that the morning bird sings.

The ruffle in the leaves as the branches sway,
If you listen close enough, they are showing you the way. …

I came across this poem (pasted further in this post) a few months ago, and though I could relate with it then, I realise now how much more I always resonated with it.

In one of my recent posts titled, “The world of boxes”, I am trying to question who I am and which of the boxes I fit in. Do we really need a form? It does give us more confidence in terms of who we are, as we have an identity in the material world, but is that not illusory and limiting?

P.S. “You gave me form but maybe I wanted to be formless..? …

I had posted some tweets over a year ago on how one can make their own terrarium, after learning to do it at a workshop conducted at Bhaudaji Lad museum. Recently, a few people (online and offline) asked me how to do the same, so I thought of documenting the steps here for those interested, as it is easier to read than scrolling through tweets! So get ready, and please read the whole post before you begin, to avoid any mistakes :)

  1. Start with a clean glass bowl or container.You may have to put it out in the sun for a while, so all the germs, bacteria etc. …

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