La Jolla Shores 2017

It’s something I never thought I’d need to do as a kid…but now that I am in middle school, I get it. We move so quickly, the world is happening around us so rapidly, and sometimes we just need to take a break.

After a busy 2017, I am now…

It’s the darkest time of the year over here in California, which means colder weather, occasional rain and the smell of hot cocoa and spices.

Let’s beat the blues by keeping our blood moving and bodies stretching.

Here are my favorite yoga poses for turning inward, creating warmth inside the…

Anatomy: the funny bone isn’t a bone?

Philosophy/Yoga Sutras: Yoga explores dual AND non-dual realities (which is very confusing).

Sanskrit: Pizzasana; Snapchatasana; just add a’sana and you’ve got a sanskrit name for a yoga pose!

How to cue a’sana poses: Just make an L with your left hand to…

At 11-years old, I went into this experience with a dream to become certified in yoga instruction and I came out of it with much more.

I learned A’sana posture practice, Pranayama breath work, Sanskrit words, the Yoga Sutras, and Ashtanga (Patanjali’s 8-limbed Yogic Path) but I also learned how…

(It was NOT easy but the good stuff never is!)

by Tea Sloane Smith

Maris Degener ( and I practicing Tadasana, Mountain Pose

January 2007: I am 3 years old and enjoying gymnastics and twisting into pretzels. …

A) Yoga is for EVERY body. There are as many yoga practices as there are people! We all have our own, unique yoga path.

B) The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (a 5000 year old text) teach us that Yoga is about calming the “fluctuations of the mind” and finding union…

I feel excited, nervous, and everything in between.


After a day of surfing and multiple applications of sunscreen, I still manage to have burnt eyelids. Thankfully in my yoga teacher training, we get to close our eyes a lot.

I am one of fourteen partipants in Prana Yoga Center’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in La Jolla, CA. My…

It all started when I was 3. I was a magical ball of energy, bouncing around the house, when my mentor came to me with a sparkle in her eye and said “What happens when you notice yourself breathe?”.

I don’t think I even knew what that meant at that time, but I watched her as she took deep inhales and long exhales and found myself doing the same thing. A calm rush of relaxation poured over me.. …

Tea the Yogi

Tea Sloane is a 12 year old, Bay Area-based yoga teacher, who has dedicated half of her life (7 years in total) to her practice.

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