JLEM — Jacques Lecoq European Masterclass
Jacques Lecoq and his teaching: from the journey to Italy to the final discoveries.
from september 21 to october 2 2015 Milan > Paris

Milan from september 21 to 25 2015
Scuola Teatro Arsenale — via Cesare Correnti 11, 20123 Milano Tel.+ 39 02 8321999

Paris from september 25 to october 2 2015
École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq 57 rue du Faubourg S. Denis — 75010 Paris Tel.+ 33 (0)147704478

Jacques Lecoq’s most important theatrical discoveries were made at the time of his “journey to Italy,” where he lived from 1948 to 1956. It is in Italy that we can find the roots of his teaching, developed later at the International School in Paris.
In Italy and in particular Milan, the place where he spent most of his eight years in the country, Jacques Lecoq discovered the Commedia dell’Arte and its masks, investigating them in their natural terrain. He discovered the “tragic space” and its dramatic force, experimenting with new forms of theater and with the language directed straight at the audience that will characterize the whole of his research. He rediscovered the power of body language and “basic” humor.
In Paris, alongside his famous school, he would carry out original research from 1976 onward: starting out from the mask, this would lead him to explode its form and dynamics and to the creation of portable structures, a really new take on mask, theater and set design.
This masterclass’s course sets out to retrace Jacques Lecoq’s poetic exploration of the mask and its transformations, from his discovery of the tradition to the freedom of creation, between Milan and Paris.

The masterclass’s course is divided into two stages, the first of which will be held in Milan, contemporaneously with the Universal Exposition, and therefore a particularly suitable place to highlight the worldwide interest in the teaching of Jacques Lecoq. In this first stage students will discover the roots of the Commedia dell’Arte, the “theater game” or improvised scene that characterizes it and the way in which Jacques Lecoq developed the drama and dynamics of the great choruses of tragedy on the basis of his experience of the space of the theater of antiquity. The teachers will be Marina Spreafico and Kuniaki Ida, former students of Jacques Lecoq who have been developing the ‘Italian poetics’ of his teaching for forty years. Pascale Lecoq, Jacques’s daughter and current principal of the school in Paris, will be present to make her own contribution.

The second stage will take place in Paris: Pascale and François Lecoq will tackle some of the discoveries made by Jacques Lecoq at the LEM, the Laboratory of Movement Study set up Paris in 1976, which they continue to develop. Students will find out about the play and the dynamics of the portable structures that “are the abstract progression of the mask’s play. The portable structures appear like abstract architectural forms, organizing the space into rhythms that bring it to life. They are played like masks, sometimes carried by the body and sometimes just manipulated by the arms” (JL). Marina Spreafico and Kuniaki Ida will also be present at the stage in Paris.

To enroll it is necessary to send an application for admission, accompanied by a short CV and a photo, to the following address: info@scuolarsenale.it

After acceptance of the application, compile the enrollment form and pay the fee. Enrollment will be considered to have been completed following fulfillment of the procedure indicated above. Enrollments will be accepted in order of application, until all the places available have been taken.

Closing date for enrollment: August 20, 2015

Registration fee € 1.000 (excluding room and board) All those who enroll in the masterclass’s course will receive an entrance ticket to Expo 2015.

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