For decades now, companies have tapped into the effectiveness of incentive marketing. With big-names like McDonald’s (Monopoly anyone?), Amazon and Starbucks adopting wildly successful rewards programs, the power of offering rewards has caught on for big and small businesses alike.

The idea of incentive marketing is simple: “Purchase a product or service and get rewarded.” Or in other words, “get customers to do the thing you desire them to do by offering them gifts or some other kind of incentives in return.”

In the realm of social responsibility, the only behavior Tecdonor is out to motivate people towards is giving…

Martin Runs a Small Nonprofit

Martin’s nonprofit, Change for the World, is operated by just a few employees that wear multiple hats. Each year, the team is responsible for managing 500 individuals that volunteer remotely and in their local facility to carry out Change the World’s mission for the people they serve.

Volunteer Management is Overwhelming

While the volunteers are essential to Change the World’s productivity, Martin finds himself struggling to keep up with volunteer recruitment, coordination, reporting, and management on top of daily operations, development, and mission.

Volunteers Get Rewarded

After learning about Tecdonor, Martin funnels all his volunteer…

It happens every year… as January nears, the impending New Year washes over us with conviction and regret over everything we didn’t get to accomplish over the past year. We steadfastly resolve to make a bunch of changes for the next year and start getting our lives back on track where we want them. The first couple weeks look promising… then life gets busy and all our ambition and goals get pushed to the wayside in an attempt to just get through one day at a time.

Before we know it, another year goes by with no changes and little…

We’re right in the thick of holiday celebrations, and we couldn’t be more merry! Join us for week two of the 12 Days of Tecdonor, highlighting our innovative platform features that help volunteers, nonprofits, and businesses make a more significant impact in this world. With Tecdonor, giving back has never been so rewarding… follow along the next six days to find out why!

The Seventh Day of Tecdonor: Volunteer management made simple.

Tecdonor is the management tool nonprofits have been waiting for. With our platform, your organization can create and manage volunteer opportunities, recruiting volunteers based on skill, interest, or…

Presents, giving, holiday cheer… at Tecdonor, we love getting into the holiday spirit! For the next 12 days as everyone celebrates the holidays with family and friends, Tecdonor will be highlighting 12 exciting new features for our users to enjoy. Whether a volunteer, nonprofit, or business, Tecdonor’s got plenty of reasons for you to get excited this season. Keep an eye out on social media this week to learn more about each feature.

The First Day of Tecdonor: Search Volunteer Opportunities by location or interest.

It’s never been easier to volunteer. If you’ve been wanting to give back but haven’t…

The holidays are a great time to get involved in giving back — here’s why and a few tips on how to get started.

With the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in business progressing over the past half-century, your company has likely started practicing (or at least discussing) ways to incorporate socially responsible efforts into your business model. If not, we’re thinking it’s only a matter of time before that conversation happens. So we’ll help you get it started.

A recent survey by American Express shows 81% of Millennials to believe that “a successful business will have a genuine purpose…

Gone are the days when data was just a luxury for the business elite. Data is a necessity for big and small businesses alike, and thanks to the rising of the digital age, now more of it is available than ever before.

Data is changing the way we live and work. Both for businesses and nonprofits, metrics can provide valuable insights into operations, business practices, and customer/donor behavior, shaping the way companies make their most important decisions.

Focusing on the right data drastically improves a company’s chances of success. But it involves more than the occasional report and analysis of…

Looking for ways to plan a successful fundraising event for your organization? Tip #1 — stop thinking so seriously about it and have some fun! The most engaging and effective fundraising events are activities that get your supporters pumped up about your cause while having a blast doing it. Try new activities, get people out of their comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to cultivate an atmosphere of light-hearted fun. Your supporters will love feeling challenged, competitive, silly, and social, all while giving back to your cause.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ll start you off with a couple…

Volunteer to Advance Your Career

According to a 2016 survey by CEB, 70% of employees are dissatisfied with future career opportunities available to them. Sound familiar? If you’ve been feeling underutilized, purposeless, bored, aimless, or stuck with work lately, the possibilities for your career path in the future can seem all too grim.

The good news is, all hope is not lost. Whether you’re stuck in a rut with your job, on the hunt for a new position, or just starting out on your career journey, a simple solution can help launch you to new heights in your career: volunteering.

Just a few years ago, a new form of fundraising entered the spotlight and reshaped the landscape for charitable contributions among every sector. Crowdfunding, or raising funds from a large pool of people online, has become not just a popular way to raise support for causes but also one of the most effective.

In its initial days of growth, crowdfunding grew 81% from 2011 to 2012, successfully funding 1 million campaigns with $2.7 billion. Now, in a world that’s more connected than ever with internet that’s increasingly accessible, crowdfunding is only continuing to grow in popularity and effectiveness. …


The First Rewards Program For Volunteers. Discover new opportunities to get involved in with your communities and join thousands of other volunteers

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