Q2 Nordic Funding Analysis- 70 investments totalling $812.8 million

From Tech.eu:

This analysis was originally posted on The Nordic Web, Neil’s own publication which focuses on providing data-driven analysis of the Nordic startup scene. The original post can be found here.

Now, this is one I’ve both been looking forward to and dreading at the same time ever since I started doing these analyses at the beginning of 2014. The one where Spotify come along with a MEGA-round and messes up all of my charts and analysis…..

As always, this analysis was based upon our own proprietary data collection of funding and exits in the region, using a wide variety of sources including local media, monitoring press releases and relying on our own network across the Nordics. Our data is also supplemented and cross referenced by sources including here at Tech.eu and CrunchBase.

In Q2, Nordic tech startups saw 70 investments totalling an incredible $812.8M ($526M to Spotify)

Due to Spotify’s round it makes no sense to look at what percentage of the total money each country saw come in (but for those interested, Sweden took 81.63%) so instead I broke it down in terms of how many investments each country saw from the 70 in the Nordics in Q2.

For the rest of this analysis, please click through to the Tech.eu article or the original post on The Nordic Web.