Who are Europe’s most valuable VC-backed private ‘unicorns’?

From Tech.eu:

With reports that Klarna have sold shares in a secondary deal that now values the company at $2.25 billion, they are due to shoot up the valuation charts and are set to become Europe’s 4th highest valued (and the world’s 42nd) VC-backed private company.

With Spotify easily Europe’s most valuable VC-backed private company right now with a $8.53 billion valuation, incredibly, Sweden (and, even more accurately, Stockholm) are now home to two of Europe’s biggest private companies.

But who else is flying the flag for Europe when it comes to building highly-valued VC-backed private tech businesses, and where do they come from?

Using WSJ’s ‘The Billion Dollar Startup Club’, GP Bullhound’s research report on European ‘Unicorns’ and our own proprietary dataset, I took a look at how Klarna’s latest valuation will shake up the order of Europe’s top highly-valued companies and where they subsequently rank on a global scale.

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