Outlook 2011 to Eml Conversion Won’t be a Problem Anymore

Are you really anxious or intimidated by trying to convert Outlook 2011 to Eml? With “Olm Extractor Pro”, you don’t have to be.

Over the last week, I had been struggling with Outlook 2011 a lot. The data was corrupting very frequently, and although I bought a good recovery tool, I wasn’t really getting fond of recovering it every single day. After relentlessly searching for the cause of corruption, I thought the better decision would be to quit Outlook 2011 altogether and use a different one.

But I hadn’t thought it through. I had no idea what to do with all my emails already in Outlook 2011. I thought of using Apple Mail, and after a couple of hours making myself comfortable with its interface, I quiet liked it. But still the problem persisted.

I found out that Apple Mail uses Mbox files to store content. So I had to convert my Outlook 2011 data to Mbox files. But then one of my colleagues informed me about EML files. He told me that I could even open them in my android smartphone, and that felt like a really good idea.

So, after a couple of hours searching for a good tool to convert my Outlook 2011 to Eml files, I finally found one. It is called “Olm Extractor Pro”, and as the name suggests, the tool converts Olm files to Eml files. Olm is a file format that Outlook 2011 uses.

OLM Extractor Pro — Convert Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 (OLM) to Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage Archive, Thunderbird Email database, *.mbox & *.eml file format. Migrate your emails, contacts, calendars etc.

I was literally surprised by the whole experience with Olm Extractor Pro. The tool is not only delivers excellent conversion results, it is also very easy to use. More importantly, the developers have given a lot of efforts to make its interface make as simple as possible for ordinary users. I had no idea before trying this tool as to how to do all this email migration task. But I did it effortlessly. I don’t doubt its user-friendly nature for any other users.

And by conversion results, I meant that it converts every single item of data from Outlook 2011. For example, emails these days are not simple text format. They have become the primary way of sharing information online. And that information can be in many ways.

You can attach any kind of file with your emails. You can embed any kind of images or graphics inside an email body. Similarly, in office or business environment, emails can contain many forms of confidential and sensitive data. Including credit card details, company’s graphs and charts, etc. You can ask what happens of all these types of data when one uses “Olm Extractor Pro” to convert Outlook 2011 to Eml.

Fair question. I was also worried about my attachments that contain very important pieces of information I haves collected over the years.

The good news is that Olm extractor Pro is truly a pro in keeping all these items safe and sound. I saw no data loss after the conversion, nothing modified, nothing corrupted.

Here are few other things about which users worry I lot.

- folder structure of emails

- non-English content

- nested messages

- read/unread status of emails

- email properties (to, cc, bcc, time, date, subject, from, etc.)

- flagged or starred status of emails

All of these meta-data or you can call them meta-information associated with emails — are fully converted for Eml files. None of the information is modified or lost in any way.

I recommend “Olm Extractor Pro” fully. Go and try it for yourself. Click here to download its trial version.

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