Why 15% of your abandoned carts is now yours to profit?

Simple and results- Your next revenue grows at least at 20%.

First of all we need to acknowledge the fact that more than half of the customers change their mind and abandon carts at THE FINAL CHECKPOINT.

According to the Baymard Institute the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.55%. That is a huge pot of revenue left sitting on the table.

Secondly, relax.. take a deep breath, the problems are much simpler than we thought and the solutions are actually at right infront of us.

Here is a simplified checklist to regain back your 68.55% lost reveneue.

Problem #1: Presented with unexpected cost.
Well this is what most marketers thought as the most effective way to capture sales. In reality users lose trust and go elsewhere.
Solution #1: Be completely upfront and transparent.
Make sure free shipping codes are working. We do not want neutral users to

Problem #2: They were just only browsing.
The potential is they were looking for solutions to the problems they do not realized they have.
Solution #2: Reveal and serve their intention at the right time.
Use a pop-up with count down to excite them with offers. Omnimonk is really good with this simple tactic.
Reduce availibility to urge them with scarcity.
Offer promotion of several products based on their footprints on your site.
Retargeting and remarketing them by displaying ads to them even they are on other websites.
Use exit intent and abandoned cart technology.

Exit intent technology looks to see if a user is going to leave your web page or abandon their shopping cart via their mouse actions. Then determine exact millisecond before to offer them the best promotion.

15% of abadoning visitors can be recovered with a proper onsite targeting. That is huge value compare to the simple action that is needed to be taken.

Most common mistake of internet entrepreneurs is to look at problems, not through simple perspectives.

Sometimes stepping back and simple thinking can provide tremendous gain.

Technology and digital medium help us with usability not complexity… remember our life before Apple.

My aim here is to cut through the noise and bring to you the right ideas.

I believe that your current results and your potential growth are beyond average.
That’s why I am grateful if you can guide me.

Let me know which topic of resources that you find useful for your growth.

Thanks and Best Regards.

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