iAffect change.

In short, that’s what I do, that’s what I’m hired to do, and that’s what I love to do. At Kennesaw State University’s iTeach, I get to work with schools to help teachers deliver instruction and to help students communicate their knowledge. After 14 years in the classroom, all of them working with at-risk students, I found my niche in supporting educators with personalized learning and technology integration. iLove iTeach and what I do every day. Here is a list of the things I do, although it is not a comprehensive list, I think it’s thorough enough that you get the picture:

iTeach teachers to make the tedious parts of their job less tedious through effective use of productivity tools.

iSupport teachers who are expanding their skill set to include new tools and/or new ideas.

iCoach educators who want to become more effective instructors.

iAccelerate learning by providing teachers with tools and strategies to boost personalized learning.

iActivate interest in technology in teachers who may not immediate see the value of it.

iReach teachers of all subject matters, grade levels, and experience levels.

iAdapt all kinds of tools for the grade level, capabilities, and needs to optimize student learning.

iAdvance a school’s commitment to engage all learners in a building.

iAdvocate for teachers and student to access the tools they need to learn in a 21st Century classroom.

iAnswer questions even when the question could have been Googled.

iAscertain the needs of the teachers I work with to ensure they have the right tool at the right time.

iAssist teachers when they challenge themselves with a task that stretches their skill set.

iBalance technology with hands-on activities to give all students access to learning their strongest modality.

iClarify why personalized learning is critical to students’ growth.

iCollaborate with all subject areas, grade levels, and ability levels.

iCollect data on how transformative technology is in a classroom.

iFacilitate learning for stakeholders.

iCultivate teachers’ strengths when I help them develop a tech based lesson.

iCustomize for teachers and their students; one size does not fit all.

iEmphasize failure is not defeat; it’s a learning experience as long as you try again.

iEncourage teachers to step out of their comfort zone.

iMotivate teachers to incorporate technology or strategies they might feel are too hard for them.

iNavigate the (sometimes) rough seas of new initiatives and old plans that fell through.

iResearch new technology and teaching strategies to stay cutting edge.

iTransform technology usage in classrooms by giving students hands-on lessons with new tools.

iRealize teachers really want what is best for all students.

iPrioritize the needs of a teacher to build new tech skills and strategies with their schedule and workload.

iLearn every day from my co-workers, the teachers I coach, and the students they teach.

iWant all students to have a personalized learning education.

iPraise everyone who gives something new and scary a try.

iGive ideas.

iTake away something from every person, teacher or student, I work with.

iReassure those who fear change by working with their strengths.

iKnow technology is a gateway to provide a level playing field to all students.

iLook for new and engaging tools for teachers to use with students.

iSee the incredible job teachers do every day.

iClarify the stuff that is too complicated for teachers to work through on their own.

iCreate an atmosphere where failure is part of the learning and growing process.

iEncourage risks.

iExpand a teacher’s repertoire of technology learning tools.

iExplore modalities that reach every type of learner in a classroom.


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