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The San Diego police department is using facial recognition devices and DNA gathering technology without cause on unsuspecting citizens. SDPD told the New York Times in 2015 that officers using the technology weren’t required to file any paperwork when they used it, that the products were in use as a “test product for the region,” and that they didn’t know how many devices with these capabilities were in the field.

Use of these technologies has only grown and yet no one has asked the public for their consent.

Earlier this year, Voice of San Diego reported that San Diego police…

A world with technologists off the sidelines.

Here is how we are beginning: companies we sign up with online are basing their entire business model on collecting troves of personally identifying data about us, and then selling it. The ones that aren’t selling us out are storing troves of information about us, and those troves are repeatedly stolen by criminals. Instead of moving to protect us, laws are being developed to excuse those companies from responsibility. Law enforcement itself is engaging in an unchecked campaign of universal profiling and data gathering, and government agencies don’t appear to be any better at safeguarding our privacy than companies.



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