Hey America, do accidents happen anymore? Especially when a kid is involved?
Kimberly Harrington

A few years ago, the police brought our then-7 year old home. She had only been out about 10mins. She was biking around our 1 block long dead-end street with all the other kids out doing the same. Except, this time, ours crossed the green field barrier to the sidewalk on the main road next door and was spotted by a cruiser driving by at that very moment. Talk about timing. Child services investigated us. Turns out we satisfied them that we are, in fact, decent people. You see, standing in front of your house watching a quiet dead-end street full of kids playing may have prevented one of them from wandering off. Or it may get you investigated for something else. I am grateful that our little girl wandered, got caught, and learned a lesson she failed to learn from carefully laid out instructions. But if she never returned home after that day? Would we be to blame? Frankly, I doubt I would care what you had to say. I’d be too busy mourning the loss of a sweet child.

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