console experience ?????

after many year, tech ghoul purchase game console.

what happen console experience? it not good.

couch co-op

in endless quest photorealistic graphic, online multiplayer console game no longer support two player one room. what? this core experience console. how console differentiate pc market without multiplayer focus? now multiplayer require additional console, television. unable share experience same room — easier play multiplayer game online.

tech ghoul fondest console memory two player same room enjoy gaming experience together. this not part current console generation picture.

load time

digital download & ubiquitous network availability mean many game require load update. new game good feeling crush forty five minute download. tech ghoul actual avoid dlc / new game purchase, dismay download time. tech ghoul realize problem not unique console, but expect console more seamless play experience.

if game not require update, game load time still excessive. example: tech ghoul play battlefield 1. activate console, load profile, load game, sign ea network, wait load, select game type, wait map load, …zzzzzzz. sometime map not load proper, mean do again. this not good customer experience.


tech ghoul think console maker wish console become home media hub. tech ghoul experience, console reliability lacking. interdependent network service create weak point, tech ghoul sometimes unsure isp, xbox live, ea network downtime culprit. this also not seamless customer experience.


couch coop multiplayer core feature tech ghoul past love game console. it now gone (barring nintendo, but that other beast). now console = buggy uncustomizable pc. what think? tech ghoul stuck past (it possible)?

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