Having a Blog Doesn’t Make You a Writer
Ezinne Ukoha

Can’t entirely agree to that..Yes there are many of them out there making a lot of money. I believe they wouldn’t be successful if they were not good. I think people who pay whatsoever are coming out feeling happy and maybe are able to find success.These businessess run on referrals and recommendations like i recommended your post.

And hell ya..they are in 20’s and 30’s. Just after 15–20 years of their life, mostly spent in schools and colleges how would they know about life. They have not seen anything, yet are able to call themselves experts. Thats because they found the loophole that adults couldn’t. They found a way to bring their thoughts together, organize them, filter them and present them like a pro which actually works. Its our ego that stops us to go to them because they are so young but believe me everyone of them will have ideas that works better than from someone in their 50s. Because they found it, they found the gap others did not and its working out aswell. So let them live for now, if it is another dotcom rise then we know their future.

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