6 Most Popular Java Web Frameworks in 2021


  • Using Spring’s flexible and comprehensive third-party libraries you can build any web application you can imagine.
  • Start a new Spring project in seconds, with, fast startup, fast shutdown, and optimized execution by default.
  • Spring provides a lightweight container that can be triggered without a web server or application server.
  • It provides backward compatibility and easy testability of your project.
  • It supports JDBC which improves productivity and reduces the error as much as possible
  • It supports modularity and both XML and annotation-based configuration
  • Spring Boot has a huge ecosystem and community with extensive documentation and multiple Spring tutorials


  • Super Flexible and beginner-friendly,
  • Reliable, based on MVC design pattern.
  • Integration with REST, JSON, and AJAX.
  • Creative themes and templates make development tasks faster.
  • Extend capabilities for complex development,
  • Reduced development time and Effort, makes dev easier and fun.


  • Rich libraries and reusable UI components,
  • Easy front end tools to use without too much coding,
  • Jsf helps to improve productivity and consistency,
  • Enrich the user experience by adding Ajax events for validations and method invocations.
  • It provides an API to represent and manage UI components and instead of using Java, JSF uses XML for view handling.

GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

  • Google APIs are vastly used in GWT applications.
  • Open-source and Developer-friendly.
  • Easily create beautiful UIs without vast knowledge in front-end scripting languages.
  • Create optimized web applications that are easy to debug.
  • Compiles the Java source code into JavaScript files that can run on all major browsers.


  • Easy to Creating tags for the View,
  • built-in support for RESTful APIs,
  • you can mix Groovy and Java using Grails,
  • best suitable for Rapid Development,
  • configuration features are dynamic, no need to restart the server.


  • High performance due to asynchronous processing
  • Reactive principles improve the productivity of developer,
  • Most of the errors are caught during compile time saving a lot of mistakes early in the development life-cycle.
  • Easy and quick reload for any changes in the configuration,
  • Easy to create simple JAR files.



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