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Geeze you don’t let up do you?

You know what, I get abuse EVERY DAY from both men and women for being who I am. This kind of post just fuels the fire, thanks for directing yet more hatred towards me.

Let’s talk reality here, WTF are you scared of from a trans woman in the toilet? being raped? ok, check the incidents of that, NOT A SINGLE TRANS WOMAN HAS EVER DONE THIS, it’s bullshit. YES a few men have (There’s an article on line if you can be bothered to do your research) that shows the 5 times in the last 10 years that did happen, but note; they are MEN, not trans women.

FACT; after 6 months of HRT “that thing down there” no longer functions, so it’s not physically possible to have intercourse.
FACT; after 10 months of HRT I have 1/10th of the strength I had before. So I could not fight off a guy.
FACT; Trans women are attacked every day, by both men and women. even killed for just walking down the street.
FACT; suicide rates for trans women are well over 40%. For Cis gendered women it’s 16%.

So get your facts correct before spouting such utter bullshit.

You are taring all trans women with same brush as a handful of arseholes who send you dick pics. You know what I get them too. I get spat at in the street for being who I am, I’ve even had someone walk up to me and my friends whilst I;’m having coffee and say “You’re a sick pervert you deserve to die” (and yes that was a WOMAN).

I was lived in abusive relationship (with a cis gender woman) for 7 years, so should I tar all women as violent (yes I was hospitalised several times), abusive and manipulative? NO, that was just her.

If I tared all women with the same shit that you are spouting as above that wouldn’t help anyone would it.

I’m beyond trying to be nice, it’s clear you have issues, you know what? everyone does, that’s called life. You deleted my comment from your other post, I wonder if this will get deleted also.

So, crack on feeling sorry for yourself. I’m not taking ANYTHING from you by being myself. YOU are inciting hatred towards me for being myself, THAT is what I have an issue with, and if you can’t see that I can only feel sorry for you.