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Once Charles Horton Cooley said

I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.

I found nothing in life is worthwhile if you are faking. Life is too short for fake butter , cheese or people. Now a days fake people don’t surprise me anymore, true people do.

So this article is dedicated only for those true people who are stuck in their comfort zone and waiting for somebody to pull them out.

I have always seen people around me lying down on the bed all the time, reading, watching and eating shit and then complaining about their life, health and finances, that time I feel like the Kilauea who is about to erupt.

So if you are reading this and if you are one of them then read carefully there are people out in hospitals praying to god and asking one chance for their life so respect what you have already .

Everyone wants to eat but only few wants to hunt .Everyone wants to succeed but only few are willing to put into work required .

Stop limiting your self ,you can make your dream reality and it will only take 1 percent to believe its possible.

You are the most dangerous enemy to your dreams because only you decide to quit and give up on your dream. you and you only choose to eat junk, you choose to watch Netflix instead of workout, you choose to go for the party and booze instead of working on yourself and learn.

You can’t win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind .

You are more powerful than even you know. you can change the world with your dream but it only required to get out of your comfort zone and unleash the inner lion. It require to chase your dream no matter what .

If you are afraid of taking the risk you can never go far in life and you will end up just be a part of the same rat race.

Be like a lion that never backs down from the challenges. Dream big and never lets small and negative minds convince you that your goal is out of reach it may be out of reach for them but you know better believe in your self.

When you are writing story of your life don’t let anybody to hold the pen.

You should be like this if you are in the way of my goals and dreams I suggest you move.

You know why kids love athletes because they follow their dreams.
I have seen people who work for the company their entire life they clock in and they clock out and they never have the moment of happiness.

Now you have the opportunity its a rebirth and half of the year is already completed what about your resolutions which you have made earlier this year.

So the question for everybody who wants to go to the next level is what you are willing to give up and sacrifice who are you willing to stop hanging around.

You have got an 6 figure job in your hand and you are comfortable and you are not going to work on yourself.
you can’t comfortable, our job is to become better, big and faster because you and me staying the same is almost ruining our future.

I am obsessed with the next level and I am obsessed with you true people to get your next level because you can’t afford to stay same.

I want to travel, I want a big house and the collection of all my dream bikes but most importantly I want to go to the top and I also want you to get to the top I want you to have your dreams come true so that you can have this feeling that I have which nobody can take it away .

I know how it feels like to have a hope and a dream to get it.
We are not chasing dreams we are catching them.

You have to wake up early, go to bed late and let me tell you something you have to be obsessed with what you want, normal thinking make normal money.

Any successful people I have seen and read about they are uncommon they are obsessive and if you want to go the next level you have to do something different baby because who you are today that is not your potential.

Right now I promise you have justified something in your mind and in your reality you think it is true.

If you never understand your worth people gonna pay you pennies.If you want people to respect you have to understand your worth and your value not only understand you have to exercise of your worth.

You become what you think and what you speak

People want everything but before they want to go on vacation to a place called someday. So don’t go to someday change your path to now.

It’s OK for your pockets to be broke just make sure your mind make sense !!

People should appreciate your existence when you are living not when you die. If you got less money in the bank then you have followers on Instagram and Facebook you need to get you a new group of friends.

So leave your bed now , switch off your phone don’t wait for tomorrow you have to start now.


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