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“To say is to forget, to write is to remember” — Redd proverb by way of

This update is intended to be both a year-end 2020 recap as well as a fairly detailed view forward into the new year of 2021, and to report and describe our targeted goals accordingly. A note in general; our roadmap as well as all of our statements regarding strategy and goals are intended as a guide to the direction of the project. As technical milestones depend on solving significant coding challenges, delivery of these products obviously depend on that success. …

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“Broadening the ecosystem”…“Creating on- and off-ramps to local fiat.”…“Enabling spendability.”…“Supporting local markets.”

These are mostly alternative ways to say “exchange listings”. As a part of the bigger picture in crypto, and to provide these functions to our community, exchanges, swaps, and wallets have their place. We have noted that easily half of our ReddCoin community has as their priority that we collectively move to add new and reliable exchanges, both conventional and swap, as evidenced by our recent poll on BlockFolio. That is, and has been, our goal.

Being stewards of the unique and rare gem that is ReddCoin, it…

August 8, 2020

Reddcoin (RDD) — 2020 Midyear Core Development Recap, Strategy & Project Status Update — PoSV v2, Project Redd, Team Expansion, Listings & more.

ReddHeads, we’re halfway through 2020, and have achieved some amazing things as a united community and project team! That progress, and the widening and broadening vision of Redd as more than just “an awesome cryptocurrency and an awesome ReddHead family” have acted on Reddheads to join in the effort to help us all bring some positivity back to both the crypto-space and the larger global community. We’re proud to acknowledge all of the new…

Hey, ReddHeads!

To new ReddHeads, welcome! To old ReddHeads, welcome back! It’s an exciting time in Reddcoin (RDD) for a lot of reasons, and we, the Reddcoin Core development team, wanted to get a brief update out to touch base on some of the highlights.

Attached are some screenshots of our work to enhance security and interoperability, and to extend support to MacOS Catalina in our newest v3.10.1 wallet.

This wallet release also includes components and performance & security upgrades taken from the Bitcoin 0.10 codebase, and we will be following much of that same development and enhancement in our…

Please find complete instructions for operating the Reddcoin (RDD) Twitter tipbot below (with acknowledgement to the original Reddcoin team for original docs) . Feel free to report any issues to Reddcoin devs and community in our Telegram ( or Discord and other chatrooms availble linked from

Reddcoin Tipbot on Twitter (@tipreddcoin)

The bot is registered under the handle @tipreddcoin. The bot automatically approves any follow request. NOTE: Because of Twitter algorithmic follow/er limitations, if following or refollowing does not work, please be patient and try again the next day. …

In the early days of the cryptocurrency space, it became amazingly obvious to those exploring the new technology that one of the best applications for the new “digital money” was the ability to rapidly zap any amount desired over to another user rapidly. Digital tipping was born and shared quickly. Using BTC, the process seemed to take a while, but amazingly, worked.

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Then LTC and DOGE got in on the game on Reddit. Faster transactions and more complex bot software emerged. Tipbots proliferated, with centralized wallets making the idea of sharing the knowledge and value of the coins a ton…

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Reddcoin (RDD) Core development team has released updated wallet software for Windows, Mac, Linux. (RaspPi and other OS-specific bundles and docker images coming soon.)

Direct link to software and directions for those who aren’t going to read the below: Reddcoin (RDD) Required Upgrade — Enhanced Staking PoSV v2, Official Release v3.0.0rc1

While the look and feel of the Reddcoin wallet has not yet changed, the underlying engine of the wallet has been upgraded in preparation to evolve the Reddcoin blockchain in a new direction, and also in preparation to incorporate the latest bitcoin core security and feature code. To grow…

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Come learn about Reddcoin, PoSV and become a ReddHead! Visit or

The Reddcoin (RDD) Core Development team will be implementing an upgrade to our core operating protocol PoSV (Proof-of-Stake-Velocity) to an enhanced PoSV v2 to provide for network growth stability, enhanced staking incentives and dev team funding support. We expect the fork to activate at block 3,000,000 (3M) of the RDD blockchain, which, at time of writing, is approximately 40+ days, or the end of October 2019.

As the dev team responsible for code development and integrity, we have collectively reached out to all known exchanges and partners running Reddcoin wallets already to advise of the upcoming transition. If you represent…

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Reddcoin (RDD), the Original Social Cryptocurrency

Reddcoin (RDD) Core invites you to read our newly updated “Redd Paper”, discussing the evolution of our unique staking algorithm and new aspects to be implemented: PoSV v2 and Enhanced Staking.

Reddcoin (RDD) Redd Paper — PoSV v2, Summer 2019

Frequently asked questions about Reddcoin’s PoSV v2 and Enhanced Staking:

Reddcoin (RDD) PoSV v2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The above two documents can be downloaded for offline reading, and are also available on our website at along with additional information. A Technical Analysis document will be published shortly as well on our site.

Reddcoin (RDD) Core 2019–2020 RoadMap:

Reddcoin (RDD) Core has also published a general roadmap (ReddMap?) providing some insight into development efforts and specific plans for the future. Please note all roadmap items are subject to change or reschedule as required during the development process. See Reddcoin Roadmap document below, and detail available on our website at

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Originally published at on July 15, 2019.

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