Sage’s First Cloud Based Accounting Platform with Chat Bot Integration

Small businesses have always been in search of feasible, flexible and professional accounting tool to meet their business needs. Sage has succeeded gaining trust of thousands of users countrywide and met their expectations effectively. The maker of the accounting solution is all set to target many more businesses individuals with its very new features of Chat Bot integration.

Sage has recently announced that it has integrated Pegg chat bot with Sage One version. It has also added archetypal Artificial Intelligence technology to other cloud-based software like Sage 50 accounting tool, Sage 100 Hosting, Sage 300 Hosting and more. The company has already made this technology known during a summit conference in Chicago.

Sage to Give a Hand to Builders and Entrepreneurs

Company’s first cloud accounting platform with chatbot has reformed the world of small businesses. The businesses owners are ready to run their companies by using these features (Bots and Artificial Intelligence) that can change their lives.

In this, the company has built up invisible accounting plans with various new launches. The effect is clearly visible on the lives that tens of thousands of new customers have gone for this technology in just six months of launch of the feature.

More than 100 new and integrated ISV’s on sage marketplace focus on new global relationship with Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft, and Apple.

It would not be wrong saying that the market leader in cloud accounting software has ensured gigantic advantages for business looking to expand their business needs.

Behind this massive announcement of fresh launch of accounting software, the company aims to cut proximity to the future for both the builders and the entrepreneurs.

With invisible accounting, the company highlights Sage’s vision to automate the function of back-office and empower business builders to achieve the accounting by 2020.

With Sage One, Sage One with Pegg, Sage Live, Sage 50c, and Sage People, the company aims to lead business builders towards “invisible accounting”. Business will become able focusing more on productivity and accomplishing the needs marvelously.

Sage’s Investment in Artificial Intelligence for United States

In the United States, Sage’s product release includes Sage with Pegg and Sage People (Human Capital Management Solution) for medium-sized businesses. Sage’s investment in Artificial Intelligence is a signal of huge market of the accounting software. Sage cloud is now more capable transforming the definition of cloud accounting and businesses will get enormously profitable outcomes.

If reports are to be believed, more than half accounting software users were in the cloud during last year. With this latest accouchement and new-fangled features, Sage will definitely support future business persons. The company looks forward to expand solution to individuals on its rapidly-growing expertise in the AI technology.