QuickBooks Premier: A Godsend for Your Wholesale Business

Are you facing difficulties in selecting the most suitable QuickBooks software for your wholesale business? If yes, then we are here to help you.

QuickBooks is undoubtedly the best available accounting software that helps different businesses to efficiently manage their overall accounting needs.

QuickBooks is available is different versions — QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise. There is also QuickBooks Online.

With the wide range of QuickBooks options, it is really a challenge to chose the best among them.

QuickBooks Premier Software

To assure maximum QuickBooks ROI, it is important for you to understand that which features of QuickBooks are must for your wholesale business and which is not.

To ease down your task of selecting the best QuickBooks for your wholesale business, we have done a comprehensive study and figured out that you need to go for QuickBooks Premier.

QuickBooks Premier comes with different customized editions, such as:

● Manufacturing & Wholesale

● General Business

● Nonprofit

● Contractor

● Retail

● General Business

● Professional Business

You need to get Manufacturing & Wholesale edition of QuickBooks Premier for your wholesale business.

Further, to give a boost to QuickBooks experience, you may also get QuickBooks Premier Hosting and QuickBooks Premier apps as well.

7 Features of QuickBooks Premier for Wholesale Business

QuickBooks Premier is loaded with a gamut of features for your wholesale business. QuickBooks Premier software gives you customized QuickBooks experience, which is not available with either QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Online. Let’s look at its features which are must for you.

1. Inventory Reports

You can now make the entire accounting system more flexible with Inventory Reports feature of QuickBooks Premier.

This feature allows you to easily customize, prepare and track inventory reports in the way your wholesale business needs.

2. Searchable Chart of Accounts

Search an exact account or subaccount from charts of accounts is always a tedious task. But, with Searchable Chart of Accounts feature of the new QuickBooks Premier 2018, you can easily search any specific accounts or subaccounts by using different names or account numbers.

3. Cash / Accrual Toggle

It is always important to know where your business stands and what are its future prospects. You can determine your business status with a single-click by using Cash / Accrual Toggle feature of QuickBooks Premier.

With this feature, you can compare the performance of your business on different parameters, such as cash or accrual.

4. Business Planner

You can create a business plan by using Business Planner feature of QuickBooks Premier. This feature is only available with Premier and not with QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Online.

By using this feature, you can easily make business plans whenever you have to apply for any business loan or credit.

5. Inventory Reorder Point

Now, see all the open sale orders in one screen with QuickBooks Premier. Inventory Reorder Point feature of QuickBooks Premier lets you customize and track open sales orders in the way you want.

You can also filter all the sale orders as per different conditions, such as location, amount or by a customer.

6. Order Prioritization

There are always few orders that you have to ship on a priority basis. QuickBooks Premier’s Order Prioritization feature lets you easily prioritize and ship the orders, which you need to deliver on an urgent basis.

With QuickBooks Premier, you can also print receipts and invoices for prioritized orders and shipments.

7. Multi-monitor Support

Now, do tasks faster than before and enhance productivity by using multi-monitor support feature of QuickBooks Premier.

This feature lets you open multiple QuickBooks windows across multiple monitors and access different files at the same time.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Premier is the reliable, flexible, economical and ready-to-use accounting software for your wholesale business.

You can further enhance QuickBooks experience, by getting QuickBooks Premier hosting. We are a QuickBooks hosting provider, excelling is delivering the most comprehensive hosting services.

If you any query related to QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Premier hosting, then feel free to contact us right now.