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Human Resource Administrator is a mixture of admin and Human Resource, and also known as Human Resource and Personnel. The Human Resource Administrator administers health, welfare and retirement Plans Company wide. This position acts as a liaison between and insurance providers to resolve benefits related problems and ensure effective utilization of plans and positive employee’s relations. HR Administrator position provides administrative support to the Human Resource functions as needed like correspondence generation, record keeping, HRIS entry and file maintenance. Human Resource Administrator manages an organization or industry’s employees by handling recruiting and orientation, facilitating training and administering, payroll and benefits. This position was once called personnel managers.

HR Training in Noida conduct orientation for new employees at all level of deliver information about benefit plans and enrollment provisions, Human Resource Administrator process monthly billing from insurance providers and communications with counsel employee and depends as needed. HR administrator also processes all documents through payroll and insurance providers to ensure accurate records and payroll deductions. They resolve employee’s complaints concerning health and benefit plan and handle enrollments and termination in health plans. They work closely with executive management to ensure personnel needs are met and plan for any future attractions. The Human Resource Administrator takes care about the Human Resource data. The Human Resource Administrator is a key skilled role in the Human Resource back office. The Administrator does all required data entry, updates of personnel files and prepared the required documentation for managers and employees.

Key Responsibilities of Human Resource Administrator: HR Training Institute in Noida

# communicates with employees about their documentation and answers specific questions and employees.

# Supports Human Resource projects and initiatives.

# enters data about new hires to HRIS and prints all documentation for the employees and the personnel files.

# communicates with the state authorities.

# takes the specialty in a specific area of the Human Resource administration.

# Runs basic and standardizes Human Reports.

Key Skills of Human Resource Administrator:

# Strong administration skills.

# Ability to work under pressure and tough deadline.

# Communication Skills.

# Computer literacy.

Job Duties:

# Recruitment and Selection.

# On- boarding and Induction.

# Payroll.

# Learning and Development.

# Human Resource Database and Reporting.

# Advice and Guidance.

# Leaver Administration.

# Admin.

# Volunteers.

# Staff benefits (Promote, Administrator).