The Top Technology News from 2017 That Broke Headlines

The year 2017 introduced this world to many breakthrough technologies and Middle East tops the list with its robotic inventions. Introducing AI and robotic cops is not easy yet the Arab citizens have had the privilege to come across some of them during this technological year.

Here are some of the good, bad and shocking technology news from 2017 that shook the past year’s headlines.

Nokia Relaunched Retro Phones

Nokia came back with the its finest retro phone — Nokia 3310. To add newness to it this time, Nokia ‘reimagined’ the features of the classic phone and added an extended battery life with a colorful look. Despite a few flaws, the phone managed to pull off the standards of the higher-end devices introduced by Nokia lately.

Facebook, Google Scammed

This was certainly not one of the best news from the technology industry, but it still managed to rock it. An email fraudster reportedly conned Facebook, Google and Quanta Computer of $100m. Even though the money wasn’t too much for two of the technology giants in the industry but what could happen once could happen again, probably on a larger scale. The attacker denied the allegations afterwards while the technology giants suffered the loss and we got our big technology news of 2017.

iPhone X Exposed

Apple was all set to introduce the most expensive smartphone with iPhone X (ten). The world was about to be introduced to some of the most futuristic features that kept them going for a while until the phone was exposed.

In a major leak that happened right before its official launch, iPhone X’s facial recognition feature, animated emoji characters and its name got surfaced on the web grabbing a lot of eyeballs.

To add up to the misery of Apple, it was earlier stated in another ‘leak’ that the company had hired NSA and ex-FBI officials. Even though that was a news to break hearts, it didn’t, as the sales of the £1,000 device soared. But will it continue to soar in 2018 too?

WannaCry Havoc

Who doesn’t remember WannaCry? Right from a common man to the highest authorities were hit with the biggest Ransomware attacks of all time — all in 2017! Regardless of the expert opinions and cyber security professionals stating that there is only a little impact caused by such attacks — WannaCry turned out to be one hell of an exception.

Tens of thousands of Windows PCs across North Korea, England, Scotland, India got locked due to the attack only for not giving two hoots to the previous warnings issued by the government to update systems.

What happened in 2017 made it a super technological year, right from Bitcoin fever, to Ransomware attack, to a futuristic smartphone by Apple that let people look out for more from the technology giant in the year 2018. The question is — would there be more technological surprises in store for people around the world that supersede 2017’s ripples?

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