Google’s Allo is nice but isn’t very lucky, why?

It’s been more than one year, Google released their messaging app called Allo. Since the launch, it isn’t successful with other apps of the same kind, why? Here I don’t want to go detail by detail in comparison with other successful apps like WhatsApp or Hike. What I want to say is, Still we have a very, very long drive to go, before we start considering the Allo as our primary application for communication. However, I hope that in future Android updates, Google will sort out their problems in messaging apps flawlessly.

Sure I would say, Allo has some very enjoyable & good features which are not even available in other apps. Fact that it’s from Google, it’s way strongly integrated with their Android and Google Assistant.

Now, take a look at your WhatsApp, especially groups. I would definitely say it has a group of people from your family (mostly elders like your mom, dad or relatives, who are still learning how to use WhatsApp), from your school, from your college, from your work — in brief, how many people/friends from your circles would like to try out Allo? the answer is very limited, even my friends who’re technically strong & are always ready to try out some new things didn’t want to use Allo for more than a couple of days, why? The answer is in the end.

WhatsApp, now trying very hard to keep their users excited by launching new features every day. Hike also tried the same way as Google but they got successful (in adoption rate) compared to Allo. Google’s Allo is so far immeasurable than WhatsApp at least for me, but people have already got used to with WhatsApp & Hike and they didn’t really want to try out new things or shift completely. I do have some hope, one day Allo will be more successful.

Conclusion: I challenged myself to use Allo for a week, but I have only 5–10 people in my circle using it. To be fair, it is very, very tough and hard to convince all of your friends to switch over to a particular messaging application. At the end of the day, no matter how great another messaging application is and how sound you convinced your friends, you have to use the one (WhatsApp) that everyone else is using, because ultimately you need to communicate with people.