The Importance of Smartphone Industry in Today’s Business

Those who are reading this are aware that the smartphone industry is one of the most powerful industries in the today’s world. Smartphone manufacturers continue to rake in a large chunk of profit in the current global market, with the latest report claiming a whooping figure of as much as 79.2-percent of the overall profit raked in by various industries in the market last year. This number is, without a doubt, incredibly significant. However, the report cannot be considered as surpising in the slightest due to the fact that more and more people nowadays own a smartphone.

Having a smartphone in this day and age is almost comparable to having some clothes, it is no longer a matter of ‘want’ — but rather a matter of ‘need’. With clothes, people need it to cover their modesty. Not only that, the significance also translate to how you dress yourself as well. Each and everyone of us needs a job to earn money for a living, yet we cannot possibly get a job if we do not dress appropriately for the job interview. It may only be a matter of appearance, but it holds a degree of significance since companies see how you dress as a symbol of your professionalism. Their capabilities aside, only those who are able to represent their companies perfectly will be hired.

Smartphone and its significance in the today’s world

A smartphone, too, has such level of significance in this day and age. In the past only those who have the money would go so far to owning a cellphone — and then later on, smartphone. While many other rely on landline, those with cellphone would enjoy the luxury of being able to keep in touch anywhere and anytime. Fast forward a few years down the line, now it is easier to count the number of people who do not own a smartphone than count those who do. Smartphones have gone from a luxury item to another necessity in the books, with the rate of development in the today’s world, owning a smartphone helps us in many ways. To top it all off, nowadays it will be a tad easier for us to get our mortgage or bank loan approved when we own a smartphone and use our monthly phone bills as one of the documented proofs of our financial capability.

Then there is also that connectivity side to it, having a smartphone means you can get always be connected. If, in the case of emergency, someone at work has to reach us, they will be able to do so. If there is some work to be revised immediately, they can simply email us the parts that need revising — and it does not matter if we are waiting on the subway, we can revise the work right away, thanks to the supporting applications we have on our phone. As tech update has numerously stated, having a smartphone also increases the level of convenience. Being able to revise our work on the subway is not the only convenience we get. We are also capable of doing online banking and even purchasing items from our smartphone.

How smartphone changes the dynamic of business

Online shopping is, perhaps, one of the things that majority of smartphones owners do. Gone were the days where we had to drive a few miles and walk from one store to another only to purchase a rare item. Rare or not, shopping can now be done from the comfort of our bed — all we have to do is make an online search of the item we need, read numerous reviews to be absolutely sure that the item is exactly what we need, and then make the payment online. Just like that and we will have the items we have bought delivered straight to our own home. This phenomena is exactly what opens the door of opportunities.

Google reports that the online search giant on average processes more than 40,000 of different search queries every second. This is translated to a whopping 3.5-billion of queries every day; a number that is nothing short of spectacular indeed. From that number, numerous reports say that nearly 80-percent of the queries are done from mobile devices and queries which are related to a purchase are closing in on the same 80-percent margin with most of it translated into sales. With this revelation from business news, it is not at all surprising that more and more companies make an effort to focus their marketing efforts to capitalize on the ever growing trend of smartphone reliance.

There are, without a doubt, a lot of ways in which companies can use in order to attract prospective customers and transform them into loyal customers. Similar to advertising campaigns in the traditional marketing world, many advertising companies also provide options for companies and brands to advertise their services or products online. Banner, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and many more. The options are endless and companies are bound to find the ones which are compatible for the type of products or services they try to sell to the public. However, it is worth noting that nothing is more effective and cost-efficient in reaching target audience and generating sales from the aforementioned leads than using SEO services.

But what are the differences and why is this particular type of online marketing considered effective and cost-efficient? The answer lies in the fact that SEO (the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization) has the ability to make your brand more visible to many of prospective customers in the geographic area in which your business is in. This visibility is undeniably the key to success in business these day; simply because prospective customers these days rely on their smartphone to get them the information they need. When they are in need of a product or service, smartphone is the first thing they turn to — they will always start their search for the business close to them, and this is exactly why companies must make their brand visibility a goal to be met in their early stage of business.

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