A Canadian design company has built one of the coolest levitating chargers🔋 for your iOS📱 or Android called OvRcharge!

The charger works by combining magnetic induction charging with electromagnetic suspension to levitate the phone a few centimeters📏 off the platform while giving the phone a swift spin for aesthetic appeal. The platform is available in Cherry🍒, Dark, and Walnut and is available in 2 sizes… one for your phone and one for your tablet!

This new concept of wirelessly charging your device is starting to pick up a lot of steam… Ikea has mentioned that they are working on furniture to wirelessly charge your device and even some Starbucks☕️ have tables that will wirelessly charge your device!

The price for the OvRcharge is $259💰v, which is pretty expensive for a charger, but after 2 weeks on Kickstarter the campaign has raised more than $25,000 of their $30,000 goal!

How long do you think until we can charge our phones📱wirelessly in our homes?

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