Boosted Board is an electric longboard propelling you up to speeds of 22 mph with the push of a button.

Version 2 of the Boosted Board has been released and entails an increase in range from 6–12 miles. This boost in range makes the BB a viable option for short city commutes and of course, the joy rider who doesn’t want to pedal as much. This electric longboard is controlled by a wireless remote and includes a breaking function for when you encounter steep hills. Unsurprisingly, it also comes with an app that tracks your mileage and route.

Boosted Boards was launched on Kickstarter in 2012 and took part in Y Combinator, the famous startup seed-funding program. BB has raised 2 rounds of seed funding and a Series A, meaning they have raised millions of dollars. This reflects the beauty of our 2016 world…if a longboard company can do it, so can you!

You can get your hands on this board for $999 — $1599, depending on which of the 3 models you pick. Would you pay this much to reduce the work it takes to longboard?? Tag someone who you think would!

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