I’ve tried to warn the man — I believe the purchase of SolarCity will be regarded as possible the…
David D. Moore


I saw your response to our article on Tesla and Solar city and just read your whole letter about your generator. Obviously, I am very intrigued by it. Throughout the whole letter my eyes were opening wider and wider as I thought “Did I somehow just stumble upon the biggest invention of the 21st century through a Medium.com article???” I hope that the answer is yes, but as you should understand, I am also very skeptical.

Like I said, I am very intrigued by this and would like to talk to you about it. The main thing I would like to hear is how you, David Moore, have discovered this generator and no one else has. If you can answer that question for me and prove that this is true and real, I can definitely help you in your journey to being compensated for the patent…not with Elon Musk (because I don’t know him) but with other prominent figures.

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