GM has put itself into the autonomous vehicle 🚘 race with the concept of EN-V

Megacities like New York🗽 and London simply have too many cars🚘 on the road. Expanding the streets is expensive💰 and doesn’t help very much either… So EN-V’s plan is to just reduce the size of your vehicle to 2 tires and 2 passengers, which will allow more of the same vehicles to fit into a smaller physical space. Also, electric🔋 prolusion in these megacities will greatly improve the air quality… cough cough Beijing😷 .

By using vehicle-to-infrastructure communication provided by OnStar, consumers will be able to call an autonomous EN-V through an app📱 and relax while your vehicle navigates for you. The sensing technology for obstacles🚧, pedestrians, and other vehicles eliminates virtually any crashes and reduces congestion in many cities.

How long do you think it is until we will get into an autonomous car?

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