Harvard just built the first autonomous robot, named the Octobot🐙, using no metal or plastic.

Removing all hard parts has been difficult in the past but the Octobot is 3D printed and then inlaid with channels that control its movement. The movement is powered by a gas from hydrogen peroxide, the robots ⛽️ fuel. It pushes fluid through it’s limbs, inflating them, and it is cleverly designed to inflate and deflate its limbs in order to move in the desired direction…all on its own!

From a researcher, “This research demonstrates that we can easily manufacture the key components of a simple, entirely soft robot, which lays the foundation for more complex designs.” The researchers strive for the next version of Octobot to swim and interact with objects around it, most likely in a small enough size to operate inside humans.

Are you comfortable with the thought of a soft robot squirming around your body? 🚶

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