The new Macbook Pro💻 is going to be the biggest update since 2012 and here is everything you need to know😬!

First of all, Apple plans to integrate the security🔐 touch ID into your laptop💻 for more convenient access and also allow all developers to use the touch ID for their app. This will ship with a secure enclave, which just means your laptop will be much more secure.

Probably the biggest difference is the OLED touch screen right above the keyboard💻. It’s not certain what this is going to be used for but it’s believed it will replace some physical keys like volume control and brightness. Also, Apple could take advantage of this for shortcuts as well as displaying info about your apps.

Within the device, Apple will probably use the Intel Skylake processors, giving a performance boost and improving energy🔋 consumption. You can expect better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips as well.

The shape of the Macbook Pro will also be thinner and lighter. It won’t be wedge-shaped like the Macbook Air but the overall frame of the laptop will be smaller.

What do you think of the new update?

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