This was what a “Go Pro”🎥 looked like in the 1960's…doesn’t compare. Here are some facts about the Go Pro we all know!

Nick Woodman founded Go Pro in 2002, when he was 26, and is still the CEO. He got the idea for Go Pro when he was surfing 🏄🏼 and wanted a video of what it looked liked from his perspective, not from the shore. He tried camera straps on the market but they didn’t cut it for activities like surfing, snowboarding, and river rafting. With $10,000 and an idea he built what is known today as Go Pro, the fantastic action-sport camera.

Now it’s 2016, and Go Pro has yearly revenue of $1.6 billion💸. Go Pro went public in 2014 and yes, Nick Woodman is a billionaire💰. However, in it’s first year of business Go Pro had $150,000 in revenue. Go Pro has a product line of multiple cameras, tons of mounts and straps, video editing software, and they are expected to release a drone in the next year.

What’s the best video you’ve filmed with a Go Pro⁉️

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