Uber is rolling out driverless Volvo’s 🚗 to pick up passengers…San Francisco here they come!

Uber ATG (Advanced Technologies Group) has done this before with Fords in Pittsburgh, but now Uber ATG is releasing their third-generation of driverless cars into the streets of San Fran. Any passengers in San Fran who call for an UberX are eligible! The autonomous Volvos will have a safety driver and Uber test engineer onboard, so you won’t be alone with a computer driving 😂you.

Uber has strategically partnered with Volvo to be able to integrate all the necessary tech right into the car, vs. attaching it after purchase. 7 traditional optical cameras🎥 , 360 degree radar, LiDAR and ultrasonic detectors are what it takes for the Volvo to safely navigate the virtual world it is seeing. It measures it’s surroundings to the centimeter 📐and is constantly maintaining 20 meters in-front and behind it.

How’s that for safety?

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