Wonder Bot is a bot that will remember anything for you!

Wait what was my locker combo🔐 ? Hmmm dang, I forgot my Coil login! Cant remember? There is a ton of stuff that we think we’ll remember in our head but forget and Google searches just wont have the info… Wonder wants to be your memory by remembering anything you want it to and then returning the info in a text message📱!

How it works is you text Wonder something you want it to remember for a later date⌛️ and it’ll save that for you in its database. When you want to remember something you just ask Wonder a question like “What is my mom’s favorite coffee” and it’ll respond!

Because of the response to Wonder on Product Hunt, its creators say they’re now working on bringing Wonder to other platforms like Messenger, Slack, Alexa (for use on devices like Amazon Echo), and an API, too. A Messenger bot will be the first to arrive, in about a week’s time, they say.

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