Why I moved from Macbook Pro to Surface Pro 2017

My Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013 has been my good friend for the last 4 years of my life. It has been my friend and companion for last few years taking all kinds of loads I put on it from development work to Netflix, Youtube and doing banking.

But its time to move on. No I don’t hate it, in fact I still feel it has been a wonderful device day in day out and probably very few can beat the dependency of this one. The only money I have spend in the last four years of getting it is a sleeve worth 30$. That’s it. It had all the ports I needed, USB, a Micro SD slot, thunderbolt and a HDMI.

New Macbook owners can only dream of so many various ports.

So why I am letting it go? Firstly, the battery is dead. I mean like stone cold dead. I plug out and it switches off. Now I can get the battery replaced, but again spending $$$ on a four year old hardware doesn’t make much sense to me. How about a new Macbook Pro? The new babies look great. They are slim, sexy, with new colors, have a strip of OLED on top and cracking keyboards.

Well, I can live with shallow keyboards. I can even live with a stupid strip of “makes no sense oled”. But sorry I cannot live with only 1 kind of ports. The non Touch Bar version 13 incher has like 2 USB C ports and the Touch Bar one has 4 USB C. I mean its 2017 I know, but almost every display on the planet is HDMI. Every pen drive is USB (well almost). My Nikon camera has a SD card inside.

For people, who feel USB C is the future and no one uses USB, please can you show me how to connect your shiny new iPhone X to a Macbook without a dongle? Or try that with your iPad Pro? Oops.. seems Apple just forgot their phones and iPads are USB Lightening.

Apple’s design has been so bad recently that they implement things half cooked. On one side Macbooks have USB C whereas all iDevices are USB and lightening. Instead of having a full touch HD or Quad HD screen we have a Touch Bar with a bunch of icons.

Being a web developer myself, testing on apps or webpages on different resolution and primarily on HD screens is a must. But hey Apple thinks 1920*1080 is not cool. They always have to move to a new weird metrics. Every monitor on the planet is 16:9 and that is a must for developers, but hell NO. Its Apple you know, they are always right, or so says the fanboys. Yes there are third party apps to force it or Chrome plugins to enable any resolution, but then don’t tell me “It Just works” coz it doesn’t.

My Macbook Late 2013 has one of the best Keyboards on the world. Yes probably the best. Now, on new macbooks, people are saying “Oh you get used to it”. Maybe I am ok with keyboards but why the hell they are so much bothered about making it thinner when they are making a “Pro” device. “Pro” is actually for professionals which, I believe, includes Software Professionals like me who work full time in Enterprise Industry. But no, maybe for Apple it is for bunch of teenagers sitting in coffee shops, editing their photos to post on social networking and calling them “pro” users.

Oh now let’s talk of OS. Its getting like worse every day. Try doing a facetime with a friend and recording the conversation. No. Apple doesn’t want you to do that. I moved to skype.

Ok fine, now try doing a screen recording and capturing the audio on the screen. Oh no direct way of doing it. You need to install a third party and change sound driver in Quick Time to do so. Congrats, the designers at Apple didn’t have the brains that someone need to actually capture a whole screen recording with the internal audio which doesn’t interfere with the outside sound. Maybe Apple should learn that from Windows 10 (try Windows + G). So you see I had to move from Mac to Windows to do basic things. Yes you can do most on MacOS with the workarounds but hey why should I do workarounds when Windows 10 does all that out of the box.

Both Software and Hardware wise Apple is no more for developers. Ofcourse fanbosy will ignore these and keep digging and trying workarounds for that. But I need something that simplifies my work. I can do a screen share with my developer buddy and record it for future reference. I have record the screen recording on a entire software with all audio and video intact. I can test my UI is an HD resolution without tweaks.

Lastly, I can check how my UI works on touch device with a real touch based awesome Surface Pro device which runs a full desktop OS.

My Surface Pro with all these built in, with a HD screen with touch. Also the makers are the same guys who made the OS, so it just works. These guys know productivity, even Apple agrees that.

I will write a separate blog about how is Surface Pro 2017 performing for me as a developer.

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