Top 15 Facebook Open Source Projects

Facebook is one of the most prevalent social networking websites on the web. It has gained immense popularity and rages among the public due to its incredible user interface and stunning features. In general, popular tech companies and industries carry out various projects so as to improve the technology in the world. Some of the companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and a lot more often endeavor to improve the technology. Through the technological advancements all over the globe, people and other sectors would gain more productivity and income generates in a huge lump. Most commonly, the aforementioned giant tech firms emphasize on enhancements in various fields. Regardless of the scale, security and other commonly confronted challenges, many software companies concentrate on technology improvements through innovative projects. Have you ever heard of Facebook Open-Source Projects? Once you read the name of Facebook, some sort of interest will automatically generate within the readers. Since the launch of Facebook for all the folks, the tech behemoth has initiated and succeeded in finishing the projects in the best way.

Facebook has developed a plethora of Open Source Projects and launched them into the market. Some of the companies make use of creative technologies and bestow it to a substantial count of fundamental projects. In a slew of fields, Facebook develops various big data systems, infrastructure, native mobile tools and a lot more. Through the Open Source Computer Projects, storage hardware, and other stuff, the developers at Facebook develop the projects. Facebook has contributed to open source in a huge manner and it divided the projects into various categories. Some of them include mobile, backend, infrastructure and web. Each category in turn comprised of numerous topmost and leading open source projects. We have listed out the prominent 15 Facebook Open Source Projects under three different categories. Have a glance!

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Web-Based Open Source Projects @ Facebook

Facebook has directed innumerable Open Source Projects in a variety of categories. Among them, the Web is one of the categories that has gained immense popularity all over the globe. Check the list of different web-based Facebook Open Source Projects that you must have an idea.


HHVM stands for Hip Hop VM. It is, in fact, an open source virtual machine designed and developed so as to execute the PHP and Hack programs. The approach used by HHVM is known as JIT. It is nothing but Just-in-Time compilation mode in order to accomplish top-notch performance. In addition to the performance, it looks after the maintenance of development adaptability that the PHP renders. During this project development, Facebook has witnessed that it has grossed about 5x increase in the productivity in comparison with Zend PHP 5.2.

2. React Js

It is the most efficacious, indicative and the responsive Javascript Library. The developers have focused on this open source project so as to build user interfaces. Millions of people make use of this React Js as View in the Model View Controller. This particular project doesn’t make any kind of axioms regarding the remaining batch of technology. React Js is pretty much simple to use it on a minimal feature in any of the already utilizing project.

3. Jest

Jest is another popular open source Facebook project which is used as a unit testing framework for Javascript. This project is developed on top of the Jasmine Test Framework. It makes use of accustomed assertions such as expect(value).toBe(other). Most often, it utilizes the previous code for testing.

4. Flux

Flux is an application architecture used by Facebook in order to build the client-side web based applications. It supplements the assorted view components of React that uses a unidirectional data flow. Mostly, it works as a pattern than a formal framework. You can commence the usage of Flux without using much new code.

5. Flow

Flow is another Facebook Open Source Project that augments static typing to JavaScript. It enhances the developer productivity and the quality of code. The ultimate aim of Flow is to discover the errors in JavaScript code through a less programmer struggle. It has the ability to keep a track on a variety of variables flowing via the program.

6. Nuclide

It is an array of packages for Atom that offers the functionality quite similar to the programming languages and technologies. With an intention to deliver a unified developer experience, the developers have designed Nuclide for the engineers.

7. fb-flo

This is an extension to Google Chrome that allows the developers to alter the functioning apps without having to reload them. It is pretty much simple for integrating it using the build system, dev environment and use it as an editor.

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Mobile-Based Facebook Open Source Projects

Under the category of Mobile, there are many other Facebook Open Source Projects we have listed below.

8. Rebound

It is a Java Library literally used for animations. In order to create stunning animations rendering a natural sense, the developers have designed Rebound.

9. Buck

Buck is an Android or Java build tool that could be accessed in a faster and better way. It allows the developers for carrying out the Android builds in a faster manner. It delivers extreme performance build system for Android. It eventually supports the creation of reusable modules that comprises of code as well as resources.

10. Infer

It is a static analysis tool which is capable of detecting the bugs within Android and iOS applications before the official launch. If you make use of Java or C code on Infer, it will eventually generate a list of vulnerable bugs.

11. Stetho

It is a new debugging platform used for Android. Stetho provides the most powerful Chrome Developer Tools for all the developers. They can be further executed by making use of a client or server protocol.

12. Origami

It is a tool used for creating contemporary user interfaces. Using this, one can place a prototype and execute them on iPhone or iPad.

Back-End Facebook Open Source Projects

Check out the list of the best Back-end open Source projects designed and developed at Facebook.

13. Presto

It is a distributed SQL Engine that basically runs interactive analytic queries towards the data sources in an extensive range of sizes. It ranges from gigabytes to petabytes.

14. RocksDB

It builds on LevelDB that could be scalable and lets you execute them on servers. One can use the rapid storage in an efficient manner, supports IO-bound and a lot more.

15. OSquery

It provides you an SQL interface that helps you try out new queries and explores through the operating system. Osquery is actually an invaluable tool at the time of carrying out the operations like troubleshooting, diagnosing system operations, etc.

Here ends the list of the popular Facebook Open Source Projects. Hope you have acquired complete knowledge about the topmost projects developed at Facebook.

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