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Digital technology has contributed immensely to the economic, social and cultural evolution of all societies. As new forms of technology continue to pervade our lives, the educational sector have no choice but to make room for them, as change is inevitable, and the change of technological advancement has been nothing but profitable on major ends.

Artificial intelligence therefore looks at creating intelligent machines to work and react like the human brain, for expect computer programs and computerized machines. As result of engineering and machine learning these machines can process any data, patterns, models in order to percieve, reason, plan and solve problems, and by automating complicated and consuming tasks, AI frees up time, energy and cost that would be spent on them, to be used for other productive activities.

Artificial intelligence and robotics technology brings a lot of advantages to education, it has been claimed by many researchers that artificial intelligence would increase the level of education. The latest innovations allow a computer to do complicated tasks. It leads to the opportunity to improve learning processes. However, it is impossible to replace a tutor, AI and robotics provides many benefits for students, and teachers.

For students, due to the fact that they spend a lot of time on smartphones and on the internet, AI-based applications provides opportunity to study in free time. Students also have various options according to their needs, as AI based solutions can adapt, due to the students level of knowledge, and AI based platforms also offer virtual mentors to track the student’s progress.

For teachers, a lot of training courses gives them opportunities to see the gap in students knowledge, also there is better engagement, certain modern technologies help students engage in the study process, which makes it more interactive. Teachers also get a great deal from it, as these days, they do not need to create a curriculum front scratch, hence they spend less time researching for necessary educational materials.

In all Artificial intelligence and robotics is of great importance to education, as generally it improves efficiency and the level of education, it also brings about productivity, accuracy and speed, among others.

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