The Content war has begun! Facebook Notes wear the Medium Theme

The New Look of Facebook Notes

Medium is growing with new users posting content everyday. The interface of Medium is so cool that once you enter the site, it will prompt you to write and see the published piece.

Medium has a simple yet powerful interface to craft stories and self publish it. Medium is a place to publish vibrant text ideas, thoughts, opinions. Facebook stole them and their ideas and they will be improving the Facebook publishing interface just like they crafted Medium.

To start with, the publishing style of the Facebook note is now just the same as that of the publishing stories on Medium. Going in, we’ll be able to see more improvisations to the Facebook publishing platform from status to comments. This is just the start of another era of publishing, billions of people, posts need a beautiful interface to craft their stories.

Through the partnership with Medium, Facebook is eying to make the people write on Facebook rather to publish their stories elsewhere. To be frank, the Facebook’s standard publishing interface is pretty boring still there are millions posting unique content through the interface.

With the creative skills of the folks at Medium, Facebook will revamp their publishing platform to the next level to make the people write through designing a beautiful platform. The war for the content begins, there are chances that the Facebook may even share revenues with the authors who publish content on Facebook just like Google AdSense.

Ever since, Facebook decided to Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators the Internet is expecting content revenue sharing as well from the Social Networking giant. The redesign of the Notes section is considered to be start.

Facebook has redesigned its Notes section — a spot where users could post blog-style pieces of writing.The newly designed Notes pages are being seen by a select few in their feeds now. It is not clear when the feature would be available for other users.

The redesign looks very similar to Medium, the publishing platform by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Like Medium, the new page consists of a single, large top image, and a single column of text.

Also, Facebook has changed the default font from Arial to Georgia, which is a serif font. Serif fonts are traditionally thought to be better for reading long form content.The designers were also allowed to ditch all ads and other sidebar content.

The new roll out is only available for certain users, Facebook also confirmed that experiments are still going on. You can expect to see major changes in the Facebook publishing interface soon.

Apparently, Facebook want to own the next big publishing platform after WordPress if we dig this overhaul a slight deeper. Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress all are there but with a staggering userbase Facebook’s potential to start and grow the next big blogging platform is unquestionable.

Celebrities, bloggers, Politicians are already using Facebook as a platform to interact with people and their followers through their unique posts which is the backbone of several news that we see on conventional media Visual and Digital these days.

This is big, really big! And this has the potential to change the blogging industry to the next level if Facebook goes genrous and introduces a revenue sharing platform to reward the authors just like the AdSense revenue sharing system. So the transformation of the Social Networking Giant to a Content Marketing monster is not so far…..


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