Perfect Screens: For The Fun And For The Job

LCD screens are now on every table, but it does not mean you have overcome all the problems of this technology. While waiting for a mass market breakthrough OLED screen, we checked the monitors available in the market, looking for the maximum that can be drawn from current technologies.

Previous test monitor we published six months ago, the PC # 214, and then we found that, despite many years of lack of substantial innovations in this market, however, there are new trends, especially in terms of resolution and screen formats. Some of these trends have been recovered from that “childhood diseases” such as low refresh rate of the screen and limited compatibility with existing standards for video connections. Half a year is a short period, but in the electronics of the time, there may be a large movement, so we decided to check what happened in the meantime, while noting the new market trends.

The shortest report would be: the “children’s diseases” is almost all new models 4K monitors that we see updated image at 60 Hz; however, the question of versions of video connection remains open, because the older they can not deliver 4K image at 60 Hz, but this is a topic that concerns graphics cards. As far as monitors, with new models is all right. Let’s look though all this in more detail.

On the test came just a 4K monitor, from which we can conclude that these models are not much in demand. But this we can not accept as a global trend, but it is more likely that it is a current situation in which the purchasing power in Serbia is pretty limited: 4K monitors are expensive, but if you still need to change the graphics card, many will conclude that Full HD resolution is sufficient. We had a test and one monitor WQHD resolution which is “something between”, and when we’re on the more expensive models, we are pleased to note that the quality panels (IPS and VA) solid fishes there.

TN screens, however, still does not surrender, and this is a prelude to a story about a new trend that we noticed: the test we had an unusually large percentage of the monitor for gamers. Although inferior image quality, TN screens have a faster response from the IPS and VA panels, which can be crucial in action games. Not only has more gaming monitor but they are considerably better than before, with even faster response and a bunch of advanced solutions, primarily for high-quality 3D display. It is not that the story does not end there: the vast majority of them now have screens that adjusts height and which can be rotated, which raises the level of ergonomics during (often several hours) playing.

Another new trend we have observed is a fashion accessory that manufacturers monitor “copied” from the world of television: it is a curved display. The idea is at first sight justified: all points on the screen should be the same distance from the eye of users who sits directly in front of the monitor. Around this concept has different opinions, but the fact that they are guilty televisions more expensive, and the price policy “spill over” and the monitors.

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