15 Killer Online Security Tips One Should Know About

Online Security

We live in a digital world-unfortunately, not a secure one. Therefore, sharing with you few out of many, smart tips to keep your device safe and secure. Jot then down.

· Be sure to keep your passwords long and hard to guess by anyone. Also, for every account of yours, choose a different password.

· When accessing anything over the internet, ensure that the website’s URL starts with a ‘https’ and accompanied by a padlock.

· When using a Public hotspot, make it a note, Say No to online shopping or any other logins of your online accounts.

· It is not wise to share each and every information of yours over social media. Such information includes Date of Birth, Address, Phone number etc.

· Accept requests from only those whom you know are acquainted with.

· Any of your accounts which are not in use for a long time, it’s better to get them deactivated or removed.

· Making your stuff visible over the social media profile is not a wise way. Keep the things visible only to those whom you know personally.

· Ignore the pop-up advertisements that may come up over the screen. Opening then can put you at risk.

· Turn off Bluetooth, Location services and Wi-Fi of your device when not in use.

· Avoid saving your cards such as credit card, debit card information over online shopping sites. Before purchasing or downloading any software read all the terms and conditions very carefully. Also, a bit research on it can put you in a safe hand.

· Never open suspicious links sent by an unknown over SMS or email.

· Never download the attachments that come from an unknown over emails. It better to keep them away.

· Always lock your device when not in use. Don’t leave them unlocked especially at public places.

· Download or Install only from authorized and trusted sources for security purposes.

· Protect your device by getting the Best Virus Protection installed on it. Having a good antivirus software keep all the threats and vulnerabilities at bay.

Stay Safe!