How to avoid online scams

Online Scams

Online scams are the one that deceives the people through accessing internet. Scammers takes advantage by stealing all the personal and private information of an individual leading to identity theft. Scammers are highly imaginative and manipulative. They target people of all age groups as they are aware of how to push your buttons to produce the response they want.

Some golden rules to help you beat the scammers:-

·Don’t revert back to the messages asking for any personal or private information

Never disclose your personal as well as your private information to any uncertified company or sites. The information can be asked via email, personalized message, and phone call even through various advertisements. The swindlers behind this message tries to take advantage and steals all the sensitive information of an individual.

·Don’t revert back to the messages asking for any personal or private information

Playing foreign lotteries are strictly prohibited. Messages that claims chances of winning a lottery or already won a lottery are though tempting but are illegal. They are the phishing activities that steal all your sensitive details whether it is an account number, debit card, credit card or any other. One has to pay taxes, fees or custom duties to collect the prize yet they won’t win any prize either, regardless of guarantees and promises.

·Read your monthly statements

It is advisable to keep checking your account statements on regular basis. The scammers by stealing all your account information, run up with charges or crimes on your behalf. Dishonest merchants charge for monthly membership fees and other goods and services without your affirmation. If u see any unnecessary charges that are charged, immediately contact your bank, card issuer or other creditor.

·Donate to established charities

After any natural calamity, donate only to established charities. Pop-up charities probably don’t have the infrastructure to get help to the affected areas or people, and they could be collecting the money to finance illegal activities.

·Think before where you are investing

Stay away from those who contacts you with the low-risk or high investment return opportunities.Also stay away from those that guarantee big profits and promises no financial risk, or that demands you to send cash immediately. It’s better to report them at Federal Trade Commission | Protecting America’s Consumers.

·Don’t send money to unknown

It is always better to do business with the sites whom you trust. Don’t shop from any uncertified site as these are all scams. They steals all your personal and private data and misuse it for various purposes.

If buying any items online make use of payment option that provides protection like credit cards.