How to create a strong password


A password is a secret word used for an entry into network and into various Internet accounts so as to authenticate the user accessing the website.

Create unique passwords

Create passwords that are impossible to crack by the hackers. It should be easy to remember for you but difficult for others to guess. Avoid using personalised information in your passwords.

Make your password at least 8 characters long

Size matters a lot while choosing a password. The bigger, the better it is. If you want yourself to be more safe and secure then go for 12 characters or even longer.

Don’t share your password with anyone

Make sure you don’t share your passwords with anyone even with your relatives, colleagues or your good friends.

Try using combination of letters, numbers and symbols

Variety is a spice of life. Update your password with the combination of letters, numbers and symbols so that it is difficult to crack. Also, avoid using dictionary words because they are easy to guess.

Keep changing your password regularly

Changing passwords time to time makes your account safe and secure. While updating a new one, make sure to create a different from than what it was earlier.

Password protection activities should be implemented to guide the personnel on how to create a Password, how to store their password and how often to change it.