Tips for avoiding spyware to stay safe and secure

Spyware is a program installed in the PC without any information of the user in order to secretly gather information of the user. Spyware is often hidden from the user to gather information about internet interaction, key loggers, passwords, and other valuable data. Spyware can also negatively affect performance of the computer by installing additional software, redirecting web browser, changing computer settings, reducing connection speeds, changing the homepage or even completely disrupting network connection ability.


· Beware of online gambling

Children who access the Internet could easily fall into online gambling. As surveyed, that children aged around seven mostly fall into online gambling. It has been found that children suspected of gambling could lie, borrow their friend’s money, have problems with time management, prefer being alone, having bad academic performance, spend more money and even have quarrels with their relatives.

· Keeping operating system updated

Updating the OS is perhaps the most critical and simplest methods for securing your PC. All modern operating systems have some easy method to make sure you have the latest version of all of your operating system software. Make sure to enable automatic updates whenever possible.

· Be away from “Free software”

The free version of Antivirus are usually only protects your system from viruses, and does not offer the comprehensive protection you may require.

It is advisable to browse with care for safety and security of your device as your personal information is valuable. More valuable than you might think.