Tired of identifying Trojan? Have a look for spotting them in an easier way

A Trojan horse is a destructive program that is delivered via emails, downloading or via online services. They are usually hidden behind the software applications. Trojans can enable cyber criminals to spy on you, stealing your sensitive data and gaining backdoor access to your system. Trojans can also play various other actions like blocking the data, deleting the data, modifying the data, copying the data or even disrupting the performance of the computer network. Trojans can’t self replicate unlike other viruses or worms.

Trojan Horse

Spotting them before they get into your PC is an easier task- Beware of file attachments that contains extensions such as .bat., .vbs. , .exe. etc. They can also be found in multiple extensions. Another way can be your PC which will act strangely doing some uncommon things if stuck with a Trojan horse. Here are a few changes you will notice:

Change of screen colour- The colour of the screen will change automatically or the screen will turn upside down for no reason at all.

Changes in Taskbar- The taskbar will either change or will disappear automatically.

Pop-ups- Pop-ups will start appearing offering advertisements or promising to fix errors if you click on the pop-up. While clicking, it will downloads more malware into your PC.

Task manager- Task manager will start running unknown programs in your PC.

Antivirus disabled-Trojan will disable antivirus program and will deny all your access so that one cannot take necessary steps for the removal of malware.

Browser-The browser on your homepage will change automatically. Also, while trying to access a website, one can be redirected to some other website having promotional offers.

Change of wallpaper- The wallpaper on the desktop will change along with the format and other desktop applications.

Messages- Your PC will start displaying mysterious messages or some unusual graphic displays.

Email client- Email client will start sending messages to your contact list as a spam.

One should setup firewall security in the PC and should subscribe to Antivirus software. Also, you should be beware of hidden file extensions and backup your files regularly to be safe and secure.