Top 5 Security threats on your network

From the past few years, there have been a number of eminent profile breaches and hacks. Overtly, IT departments and Security professionals have to remain alert in order to protect their infrastructure and organisation. Here are some top security threats on your network that you should be aware about.

o Threat 1-Social Engineering

It is one of the oldest tactics that hackers have in their pocket. They are aware about the roots of the techniques through their intelligence and take advantage of the human aspect of security.

Research- For every second, there are 18 victims of cybercrime that comes out to be 556 million per year in total.

o Threat 2-Internal threats

Some of the most ruinous attacks that come from inside include employee fraud or the vengeful actions of aggrieved employees.

Research-59% of the ex-employees were found stealing company’s data while leaving their jobs.

o Threat 3- BYOD or bring your own device

It is a policy that states employees to bring their own laptops or tablets at workstation and allows those devices to access the resources available on company’s network.

Research-Breakdown of cybercrime motivation in 2014 goes like this : Hacktivism-44%, Cybercrime-47%, Cyber warfare-4% and Cyber espionage-5%.

o Threat 4- Cloudy Security

An attacker can disrupt cloud services through a DOS attack to provide inaccessible.

Research-Breakdown of cybercrime incidents and frequency comes out to be : Insecure disposal-11%, Malicious insider-12%, Virus or malware-13%, Mobile workforce-13%, Web based attack- 16%, Insecure third party-28%, Lost or stolen phones-31% and negligent insider-43%.

o Threat 5- Botnets

Botnets are used by criminals for various purposes like attacking computers and servers, sending spam emails, transmit viruses or engage in other types of cybercrime.

Research-40% of the computers that are connected via internet are infected by bots and controlled by attackers.

Therefore, Security methods should be implemented to secure the network of an organisation against the threats of cybercrime.